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When you register for the convention, you will be registered for all seminars below as well — these 18 hours of CPE are included in your registration! If you are only interested in attending select seminars from the list below, click the button next to the seminar to register. 

Rapid Growth: The Lazy Way & Build Your Story Playbook | Matthew Pollard, CSP

Monday, June 8 | 1 - 5 pm 

Feel like you’re on an endless hamster wheel, just trying to keep your business going? You provide an amazing service, but despite all your efforts and good intentions, your day-to-day is a constant struggle to find interested people, set your practice apart, and make the sale – all while competing against established industry players and dealing with customers who seem to care about only one thing... PRICE. In this game-changing session, you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of where you’ve been going wrong, and you will know the three instantly-implementable strategies to turn it all around. 

What if you could quadruple appointments, shorten sales cycles, and skyrocket profits, all through the application of one powerful technique? Shift away from the uncomfortable bulldog tactics of the past, to a new, relaxed, and scientifically proven methodology that consistently multiplies results, guaranteed.  

*Plus, stick around after the seminar for an exclusive book signing with Matthew Pollard!

Assisting Individuals and Small Businesses with Significant Tax Debts in IRS Collections | Eli Noff, Esq., CPA

Tuesday, June 9 | 8 - 10 am

Learn about common tools and tactics used to help taxpayers resolve IRS tax debts in complex situations faced by individuals and small business owners. Clients can face a host of drastic consequences, including: 

1. Bank and third-party levies 2. IRS Liens 3. Garnishments of accounts receivable 4. Threats of Injunctions and business closure – In business repeaters or pyramiding (i.e., growing 941 balances) 5. Assertion of Trust Fund Recovery Penalties (Pre- & Post- Assessment Balance Considerations) 6. Passport Revocation  

Payroll Tax and Personal Liability – What You Need to Know | Eli Noff, Esq., CPA

Tuesday, June 9 | 10 am - 12 pm

Payroll Taxes & Personal Responsibility: We see many individuals that have had their lives turned upside down by being personally assessed for payroll taxes. And many of these individuals have missed opportunities to insulate themselves from liability and timely challenge an assessment.

We will discuss how the IRS asserts personal responsibility against business owners, officers, and employees for failure to collect and pay over the trust fund portion of payroll taxes. We will discuss the “responsible” and “willful” elements of the “trust fund recovery penalty” (TFRP) and how the IRS asserts them in practice. We will discuss the TFRP procedures and opportunities for challenging a TFRP assessment. If time allows, we will also briefly discuss the personal liability for Maryland payroll taxes.

Tax Speaker S-Corps and C-Corps A-Z | Ron Roberson, CPA

Wednesday, June 10 | 8 am - 4:15 pm

This rapid review of C Corporations examines and explains the major tax characteristics of a C Corporation including formation, operation, penalty taxes, filing requirements, accounting methods and more as a quick review for the advanced professional and a great introduction for a less-experienced professional. In addition, the class will guide participants through the formation rules and elections required to be taxed as an S corporation, the operating issues encountered such as owner fringe benefits, pension plans, reasonable compensation and income allocations. The instructor will also address 20% flow through deduction and concludes with a review of unusual items such as terminating the S election, built in gains taxes, Q-subs and the rare 228 step up election.  

Building Your Expert Brand Through LinkedIn | Kait LeDonne

Thursday, June 11 | 8 - 10 am

By now, you’ve likely heard of your peers, or worse, your competition, rapidly growing their practices using LinkedIn. The problem is, most people approach the platform wrong, sending spammy messages and posting content that doesn’t actually yield profitable clients. During this 2-hour session, we will revamp your LinkedIn profile, create a month’s worth of content, and learn how to create a reliable source of leads all in 30 minutes a day (no annoying sales messages required!).  

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